End of January

Well here we are and the 2011 edition of January has come and gone.  It means a couple of things, time to look back and compare this year to last year and my plates on the car are due to expire shortly which I should probably take some action on fast.

Last year I was just as motivated to get my rear into gear due to it being the "New Year" and all.  Had a few pounds I didn't want to follow me around anymore and nothing on the schedule until the end of February when I made the decision to go out to Calvin's.  This year I put Calvin's on the schedule almost immediately due to how much fun I had last year.  Walking afterward wasn't too much fun for about a week while my rear healed but fun none the least.

Last week I had started to compare my saddle time monthly totals of this year and last year for the first month of the year.  I had started to feel a bit worried as if I hadn't been putting in enough work through the month of January this year.  Last year I had expectations of being competitive but I didn't foresee being able to produce a result as I did.  I have silently been telling myself in the back of my mind that I want to show up in better shape this year.  A better plan may also work but being in better shape will allow me to fly by the seat of my britches when the plan goes out the window.

I pulled the reports for January 2010 and compared the saddle time to this year.  Even though it didn't feel like it I actually was about two hours ahead of were I was last year.  The workouts are pretty close to being the same type (mostly indoor interval work) which means I actually have about two more hours of intervals in my legs this year verses last year.  That doesn't sound like much because it isn't but it does help to ease my mind in knowing I am not behind where I was last year.  I felt great in the Spring after a Winter of interval work on the trainer/rollers.  Now I should be able to rest my mind for a bit although that little guy on my shoulder is always telling me to "Go harder!"