Go slow

Dr Dre once said, "Today was a good day".  Even though I am writing about yesterday it still applies but I am not talking about it being good because I didn't get killed in a gang related activity as he was.  Unless of course you consider all of the cars on the road a gang and then it would be true, I didn't get killed in my daily life of gang bangin.

The ride over to Westcreek to meet the TnT crew for their Tuesday night ride went by very quickly.  I cannot put my finger on any one reason why it would have been so quick but it could have something to do with there being enough light left in the day for me to make the trip over without turning on the headlight to see, my legs just seemed to be firing on both cylinders (although Phil Ligget would never describe my legs as bronze pistons just driving the pain.  At least not this early in the season.) or maybe because I was riding through rival gang terroritory and didn't see many members at all.  The ones I did see must have feared recourse if they messed with me as they all showed crazy respect.

Once I arrived the pace dropped dramatically for the better part of the evening where I started a different type of endurance training, dealing with the cold!  With temps hovering just a couple (that's 2) degrees above freezing topped with not really moving my legs in a fashion to build up any heat in my cylinders my hands and feet went cold very quickly and stayed there.  At one point my upper lip was so numb it felt as if I had just visited the dentist and a local was injected into my lip to keep me from feeling the pain.  It made it hard for me to talk which I am sure was a pleasant side effect for the others.  I am just glad I didn't have drool running down my face.

After the ride was over I still had to make my way over to Jenn who was chillin at a local coffee house with one of her girlfriends.  The cylinders where on fire again and didn't want to stop.  According to the Garmin (which I couldn't see in the dark) I was pushing 28-29 mph for a bit over 2.5 miles of mostly flat road.  It felt great although I didn't think I had that kind of power in my legs already.  I probably will never have that power again.  It just goes to show you the old adage is true, You have to ride slow to ride fast.