Here we are at the beginning of a new week.  The weekend followed suit as last week and was over before I knew it.  Yesterday Jenn took Petra back to the vet for another X-ray.  We were extremely relieved to be told she should be fine.  Still not totally sure what was causing her stomach to be upset but she is back to chasing Sage around the house and doing her best to eat us out of house and home. 

This week should be another week of decent mileage but more importantly time in the saddle.  Today will be an off day but I plan to be on the bike Tuesday through Saturday.  If Mother Nature doesn't throw too much of a curve ball to use Thursday night I plan on getting a 50-60 mile ride in on Friday.  The pace probably won't be too exciting but the time in the saddle is more important at this point in the season.  Who knows, maybe on Saturday morning I may get in a nice long ride as well.