Where did you go week?

Looking back at the week that was I am not sure where it went.  It was here and then gone before I knew it.  I was able to get in a good number of workouts without too much effort.  Seems as if I am starting to get into some sort of routine.  Really? I haven't had a training routine in about 5 years.  I am more of a fly by the seat of my pants kinda guy.  Last minute decisions to ride usually provide the best moments on the bike.

Monday's workout was spent on the trainer in front of the good ole boob tube.  I opened the windows, turned up the tv real loud and closed the blinds.  That way all my neighbors good here would be a gunshot every 2 minutes and me wincing in pain for 48.

Tuesday I rode with the TnT peeps inside of Westcreek.  Jenn was out of town so I headed over right after work to get in a few extra miles before meeting up with the rest.  I didn't really want to push the limit.  Just a nice easy spin through the creek.

Wednesday was a beautiful day with temps nearing 60 degrees.  It may have been slightly over 60 degrees but I don't remember that far back. With age not only does the hair start to go but the memory does as well.  Although, I did hear last night you can exercise your memory by doing some sort of exercise followed with socializing with peers.  My memory has no chance, as I usually head straight for the shower and chow hall (dinner table) after a workout.  After work it was a bit too dark and traffic seemed high for the time so instead of attaching lights to the bike which weren't fully charged, I grabbed my running shoes and took the pups for a run.  All three of us passed out for the night almost immediately afterward. 

Thursday and Friday - my legs still hurt from the run.  Was it a good idea?  Sure it was!

Saturday, started with a lot of radar watching to see if the weather was going to break to get in a ride with TnT after the kickoff party in the morning.  We ended up moving the ride to Sunday morning which I cannot participate in due to household income obligations.  I thought I was going to go home and jump on the rollers for a bit to stretch my legs out since they hadn't done anything but yell at me since Wed.  Instead, I suited up and went for a short ride up Old Gun to get the legs stretched out.  The ride went by pretty quickly in less than an hour but did a decent enough job of stretching the legs out.

Once home Jenn and I had to make the decision to take Petra into the vet.  She had been throwing up all night and it continued into the morning.  Fearing she had eaten something and was having trouble passing it we took her down to the docs.  On the way, we came across someone who was a bit too excited to get their boat to the water.  I know it was raining but the runoff on the road isn't enough water to make a boat float.

The docs took a few X-rays of her belly to reveal two masses.  One mass was food they said.  The other was a question mark.  It could be food.  It could be something foreign.  He prescribed no food for the rest of the day and to bring her back for another pic this morning.  Hopefully that question mark will have shifted and/or is gone.  If not she may need surgery.  She hasn't gotten sick since early yesterday evening so maybe that is a good sign.  Crossing our fingers...