Sun will go down

Last night was a typical Tuesday.  While at work Lynne came into the shop for a couple quick adjustments and a few other items now that the weather is warming and staying warm.  I asked if she was planning on going out to the TEAM ride which she told me she just got done with a ride about an hour back.  After not a lot of effort on my part she reluctantly agreed to come out for a second ride.

I arrived over in the Creek of the West a few minutes before 6pm so I turned a couple of laps before heading over to meet up with the TEAM.  We had a good sized group and they were all ready to ride by 6:30pm which is sometimes a difficult feat to accomplish.  I threw out the idea of heading out of Westcreek for the first 12 miles before the sun went down and then finishing up with a few more mind blowing laps inside Westcreek.

The ride through horse country was a pleasant one.  We were able to see a beautiful sunset over a huge gorse farm that turned the clouds different shades of bright oranges and pinks.  Sorry for not taking a picture, I was being pushed down the road by the group.  I did stop once we were back inside the Creek for a quick snapshot of the abandoned streets.