Lost and Found

Like many of you I often miss place items I "need". It is usually when timing couldn't be any worse, as I am rushing out the door. My keys used to be hard to keep track of but I found a real convenient place to keep them, the front doorknob. Jenn doesn't like it but it certainly speeds up my ability to locate them as it is the first place I look. The second place is where they are supposed to be on the key rack before I start tearing the house apart. A few weeks ago I lost my favorite pocket knife. Last week I lost my Ipod. I found it. Then I lost it again.

3 years ago Jenn lost something most of you (not us because I embraced losing mine many years ago) dread losing, her mind. It has been a long hard road of searching everywhere for it but it is still gone. I can tell she misses it sometimes. I try not to let her know but I have caught her just staring at me a few times recently. At first, I would try to figure out "What I did not do?" as it is usually what I don't do that gets me into more trouble than what I actually did. Then I remembered a special anniversary coming up. That's right 3 years to the day she was blinded by both my bald head and the bling and said "yes". I would appreciate if you see her mind just laying around somewhere you leave it there and don't tell her where it is. I have kinda gotten used to her being around all the time.