Only as old...

The ole adage says "You are as old as you feel."  This past Saturday, I turned another full year older which officially makes me 3_ but I feel like I am 87.   Each and every morning I wake my body reminds me I am not getting any younger.  Aches here, pains there.  A very small part of me wishes I hadn't and didn't continue to abuse my body as hard as I do.  But that is just who I am.  I enjoy pushing myself to what I perceive is my limit which I will only ever fully achieve once in this lifetime because once I reach it the proverbial rubber band will snap.  It will then be up to friends, family and doctors to put me back together again.

Lucky for me, I have the best set of friends and family anyone could ever ask for.  Those that were in town were able to gather for a small celebration Saturday evening.  One person who was not invited but somehow found out about the party via a highly complicated and elaborate email hacking ring was Mother Fphin Nature.  She was not happy to have been off of the guest list.  She sent a string of thunderstorms full of rain, hail and tornado like winds.  She must have forgotten that I too am slightly computer savvy and was able to see all of her attacks coming well before they got here.

I channeled my Native American ancestors (I'm sure I have at a least one right?) who told me that if I lit a fire at night the thunderstorms would stay away or maybe we had gotten to the point in the story of how to keep coyotes away.  Not being able to remember, I filled 2 chimneys up with charcoal and set them ablaze.  After seeing the way the heavy storms veered away I am certain that not only are coyotes afraid of fire but so are thunderstorms.

With the weather behind us, we could now get down to the business of grilling and acting a fool.  I did the grilling and everyone else took on the task of acting a fool.  The night consisted of human beat boxing, dance offs, synchronized swimming, thoughts of rowing the canoe down the river (ahem, creek) and a few rounds of flip cup racing.

Thank you to everyone who came out and a special thank you to my best friend and wife, Jenn!  At least for one night I felt 30 something again and not 87.  Now where is that Advil bottle?!