Wanna go that way

With things still a bit crazy at the shop, I had to go into work for a few hours mid-afternoon.  It gave me the perfect opportunity to try out a new route to work.  The last couple of times I have had to cross the Huguenot bridge has left me cursing everything about it.  Since they announced that a new bridge was going to be built the current one has seen very little maintenance.  It's full of big potholes and their idea of fixing them is overfilling them so now it has huge mounds.  It just isn't much fun to ride during high traffic times which is when one would normally commute.

Looking at the map I found a way to get over to the Nickel Bridge.  Not being too familiar with that area and only having negative memories of a couple sections of that route from when I was younger, I felt it would be a good thing to roll through in the middle of the day when not too much was going down.  I was quite excited to find out there really weren't any bad sections.  Hell the sections I thought might be a bit rough ended up having nice newly paved roads with shoulders.

Once on the bridge, I stopped for a quick photo of the river from a different perspective.   You can see the Huguenot Bridge off in the background.  You can also see the tower at the carillon which was were I wanted to go .  A quick jaunt down Grove and I was 3/4 of the way to work.  The rest was the same it always is.

Hug-a-nut bridge upriver
 Heading in that general direction

The ride home was a bit more work.  The wind had started to pick up out of the South and I hadn't eaten too much.  I was planning on grabbing lunch before I left but when it came time, I just jumped on the bike and headed back home.  By the time I had to make the climbs back through the Boulders and up Newby's Bridge my legs weren't having it anymore.  I knew what the problem was but since I was so close to home, I didn't bother eating anything more on the bike. 

I paid for that decision the rest of the evening as the sluggishness of malnutrition and dehydration set in.  After recording my daily eats and workouts into Training Peaks it would come to light I wasn't anywhere close to eating properly which I didn't really need too much help figuring out.  My caloric intake was a negative 4646.  Sounds high but when I only took on 300 calories for breakfast, no lunch and then a small dinner it isn't that far off.  It's no wonder I am so hungry today.  Time for lunch!