Forced time off = ouch

Mid-way through last week, I knew there was not going to be much opportunity for me to get any decent riding time in due to work and the other projects I had started around the house.  I didn't want these projects to continue on for long so I put a lot of my free time into it when I wasn't at work or sleeping.  In trying to keep my sanity, I told myself it was a "forced recovery week."

On Saturday afternoon when I jumped on the bike to make my way my thoughts of "forced recovery week" changed.  They are a bad idea if you wish to keep any sort of consistent fitness.  It had now been 7 days without my arse being in the saddle and my legs were letting me know about it quickly.  Needless to say, the ride in wasn't that enjoyable.  Correction, it was nice to be on the bike but it hurt a bit more than I would have liked.  Saturday evening, I ended up making the ride home mostly with Zeb of the Hug and Tug Crew.  He set a pace I didn't want to really keep but did so just to save a bit of face.

Sunday morning, I woke up a few minutes early so I could help Jenn get ready for her triathlon.  Having to be at work shortly after should would finish I packed my gear up along with hers so I would just ride over from the race and then ride home.  Jenn did a amazing job finishing 6th of 26 while setting a PR for the course.  She was/is extremely happy with her progress.  Now if her hip would stop bothering her like mine was (Is hip flexor discomfort contagious?) she would be even happier.

On the ride home from the shop Ried, Twig and I were all heading the same way so we all left together.  Twig and I were a bit tired still and made the comment that we weren't trying to push it.  Once that was out of our mouths Ried jumped off the front to up the pace.  Again not wanting my ego to take a hit, I put my head down to close the gap and pull him back. 

Once alongside of Ried, I made the comment "Nice jump but how about we not do that again?"  Seconds later, Twig was off the front.  Not again!  Once again I put my head down to pull us all back together which took a bit more of an effort because of our delayed response.  Once we were all back together it was time for Ried to head one direction and Twig and the opposite.  Twig was gracious enough to let me try a saddle he isn't using so after a quick stop by the Square Brick Building on the Right I was back on the road heading for home solo.  Thank goodness, I could finally shut it down and just spin it home.

I don't think I will be taking that much time off the bike in a straight setting anymore.  At least not until September and the ADK is in the past.  This week sees a rest day today, then back at it Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday then possibly Saturday and Sunday.  6 days in a row really?  Taking bets as to if it actually happens or not.