Spoiled Feet

Over the years, I have spoiled a lot of things in my life.  It is often times hard to say no to people.  The hardest in particular order; friends, family, dogs and my wife.  When I was first getting into the endurance side of cycling, a good friend of mine told me that the contact points on the bike are the most important when trying to stay comfortable.  For that reason I have spoiled my feet, without allowing them spoil rotten (that would , by putting them into some of the most comfortable and flashy shoes on the market.  Here's a quick introduction of the current plus a brand new one.

 The Golden Twinkies
Named for their color and desire to be worn while riding the Blingle-Speed

 The Ruby Red Slippers
Named because they take me the furthest for home and like Dorothy, I often times forget how far away I actually am and wish it were as easy as clicking my heels together.

Newest Addition and Yet to be Named

I purchased these because for sometime now the Ruby Red Slippers have been starting to show their age.  They are the same model as the Ruby Red Slippers which is nice because I know my feet will be comfortable in them.  One big difference in the two however is the replaceable heel pad on the new model.  This is important because the worn down heel pad is what is killing the soles of the Ruby Red Slippers.

I was able to test them out for the first on the couch and then on the road this weekend.  For their first ride, I put them through 117 miles of the flattest terrain I could ever imagine.  I was excited that they fit the same as my Slippers.  After about 80ish miles I could start to feel just how stiff the soles were on the balls of my feet.  This is to be expected and doesn't cause me any concern I will just have to get myself a new set of insoles for them as the stock ones are quite thin, good for ventilation but bad for support.  As the miles continue to add up a name for them will surely come, now to get more miles in.