What happens when you assume

Yesterday started out like many others wake up, pack the car, go to work and ride with the TnT crew.  Before I packed the car I took a few minutes to place the borrowed saddle onto Le Antique so I could try to get a feel for it before I went out on a longer ride later this week.

The ride started with a short cruise over to Westcreek where I arrived a few minutes early and got in a couple more miles while waiting for the remaining members of the crew to arrive.  Once we got started, I dropped back to chit chat with another team member and before we knew it had lost contact with the main group.

This is where my assumption got me into trouble.  Well not really trouble but it did make work a bit harder than I thought I was going to.  The last couple of weeks we had been going left onto Millers and then heading over to Shallow Well before returning back to WC.  I hung a left and gave it a bit more energy in hopes of catching back up shortly.  They couldn't be that far ahead, I thought to myself.

Once I arrived at the corner of Millers and Shallow Well, I began to believe that they had not come this way tonight.  I kept pushing on in hopes that my second assumption of the evening was wrong.  It would turn out not to be wrong.  I was chasing ghosts all night, always thinking I would see them "right around this bend".

That didn't happen either.  I arrived back to the lot a few moments ahead of the them.  Turns out they decided to take two shorter laps instead of one of the longer loops.   My assumption rating was 50% for the evening and it only cost me a few extra farmland miles.  One day my mother's advice about assuming things might just set in, maybe.