Ignite it like the 4th of July

Last week, I tweaked something in my lower back which had me laid up for 4 days.  I am up around again which is a relief to me and everyone around me.  Sunday was Jenn's birthday and to celebrate it, we got a couple of our closest friends together to have dinner on the lake before watching the fireworks. 

 Just like with everything else fun, Mother Nature had to have her opinion heard and tried to scare us off the dock by passing a couple of thunderstorms over the lake just missing the restaurant.  We must have upset her by not heeding her warning by remaining out on the dock.  She soon sent a nasty storm across which sent us all scrambling for cover.

A short 2 hours later, the storm had passed and the DJ was pumping the jams once again.  If only the back was feeling better I would have thrown my "So You Think You Can Dance" audition routine out there for all to see.  Maybe next year.  Shortly after the sun was set it was time for the fireworks to begin.  The evening couldn't have possibly had anymore fun packed into it.  Here is a bit from the finale.