This past week was full of work, stress and riding.  It was nice that the stress only came from work and not from any particular ride or lack thereof.  In the end, I finished the week with a couple more than 250 miles.  It has been awhile since I got over 200 and today my legs are feeling it.

On Saturday, I started the morning off with a 4am wake up call.  After a quick breakfast and shower, I jumped on the bike and heading over to Westcreek to meet Jenn and other Team in Training members for the Silent Mile proceedings.

After the Silent Mile, a few of us headed out to Goochland and parts of Hanover for a nice leisurely ride.  Once back to the cars in Westcreek, I grabbed a handful of donuts which were left over from the Silent Mile breakfast, filled up my bottles and headed for home.  For the second ride in a row (Friday's ride through P-town) my feet felt like they were broken.  The pain made it quite undesirable to put any sort of pressure onto the pedals.  With the feet feeling the opposite from great, I just cruised home.  All in all, it was a great day in the saddle which leaves me full of confidence as to where my fitness levels are for the ADK540.