Like a leaf in the wind

Two weeks ago, Jenn and I ordered a new bike TT bike for her.  It arrived last week which meant she would most likely be spending a lot of time on "him".  Yep you guessed it, it's a boy.  Nope, I'm not jealous.

If you remember, 23 months ago (you can tell there is a baby in the house because all ages are communicated in months) I drove off after a ride leaving my front wheel in the parking lot.  Despite my attempts of having an Amber alert dispatched, it was never seen again.  The arrival of Jenn's new bike (name still TBD) meant there would be a set of matching wheels going unused inside the house.  I decided to switch them over to Le Antique for a ride or two.

The first ride on them was pretty rough.  Wind blowing me all over the place had me feeling like a new rider all over again.  I was a bit impatient when I mounted them up and didn't switch the cassettes over from my wheels to the new ones which lead to some chain skippage not only at the misopportune times but all the time.  Her used cassette didn't mate well with my worn chain.  Sad really but that's the reality sometimes.  Once home, I made the ole switch-a-roo and prepared for a ride the next day.

I now have three or four decent rides on them and I have to say, the new gear has me excited to not only get on the bike but once I am on it, the ride hasn't been long enough.  I just don't want to stop riding.  Like a leaf in the wind, I just want to cruise thru the air.