Naughty List

Today was the perfect day to get out on the bike and just enjoy the ride.  With just a couple of days left before Christmas I spent the majority of my ride taking in the decorations.  I was flying high with the spirit of Christmas.  Somewhere about 35 miles or so into the ride I came up behind another rider.  We were heading the same way so now I company for the next 10 miles or so.

People ask me all the time about run ins with cars but I cannot honestly remember the last time I was honked or yelled at.  Today that changed.  We stopped for a red light and once the light changed and we started back up, we were passed by two cars with no problem.  The driver of the third car came by with the horn blowing and window down.  He let up on the horn to yell to us "Get off the ******* road!"  I usually just let stuff like this go without response but I replied "Merry Christmas!"  He then gave me the early present of the finger.  I know one guy who's stocking is going to be full of coal.