Ride Along

Two things in life are certain. Tomorrow is not a guarantee and Father Time's watch never stops ticking. The older I get, the more I relish in the build up which leads to the bigger events in life. The highs and the lows. The laughter and sometime tears. The unbreakable camaraderie. It during these parts of the journey which make things so memorable.

Recently, I began reading the book What Spins the Wheel by Len Forkas. The book was given to me a good friend after he heard Len speak about his 2013 RAAM experience. I had the privilege of racing alongside Len a few years back at the Adirondack 540. In the book, Len says "Racing in RAAM served as a clear example of how a belief in yourself, coupled with the support of others who believe in you, can lead you to succeed against extreme odds." Now that I fully recovered and back on the bike, memories of how all of you helped propel the crew and I to the finish of No Country for Old Men last year are constantly running through my head like a Vine video.

These memories are what continue to drive me forward toward our next grand adventure. Longer than a Vine, I put together a short video of some footage which was shot prior to leaving for the race during some of my training rides so you could see the same images I see.