Ohio RAAM Challenge Update 2

Andy is at the halfway point! He is around the 200 mile marker and riding strong. As we posted on Facebook, the rain stopped around 5:00 pm and it looks like we should be mostly cloudy with no rain for a few hours.

The sun went down about an hour ago, so the crew car is in mandatory direct follow until sunrise. Night riding is tough on Andy mentally and difficult on the crews'  eyes... a combination of fatigue and Andy being decked out in reflective clothing which reflects into the crew car.

For "dinner" Andy tried out a new recipe which was a giant fail. He was not a fan of the cheesy BBQ quinoa balls. Good thing we have a seemingly endless supply of PBJ. He has also been enjoying apple cinnamon quinoa bites, oatmeal energy balls, and an egg frittata.

Photo source: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/242479/cheesy-bbq-rice-bites/

The crew is anxious to redeem ourselves from a few years ago when we got a little confused navigating through The Ohio University. The crew has foggy memories of hard to read signs and party revealers all over the streets. That part of the course this year is around mile 245, at least it should keep Andy and the crew awake for a few miles.

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To see live tracking, find rider 410 on here: http://ohio.raamchallenge.com/rs/index.php?N_webcat_id=465

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