Ohio RAAM Challenge Update 3

Good Morning!

Talking to Andy this morning he said "last night went fairly well." Which is fantastic news. Night rides are always Andy's hardest segments. However, he was able to power through with only one 15 minute nap around TS 5. Right now, he is passing through Greenfield, OH, which is mile 330, and is in great spirits and is very alert.

After making the turn northbound towards Columbus, he is reporting a slight headwind. He and the crew are very anxiously awaiting the sunrise. Right now its still pitch black outside and Andy has commented at times his visibility is low, but nothing abnormal for riding in the middle of the night. According to google sunrise is at 730 AM, and we are justing seeing the first signs of it now. Jenn said, "this is the first blue sky we have seen in almost a week .... Beautiful and a wonderful sight."

Unfortunately, the University district still gave the crew some navigational problems, but this time the correction was made much faster.

Here's hoping for a strong finish! Keep the positive messages coming, they make a huge impact on Andy's riding.

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