Ohio 200

It's that time of year again.  Today, we will once again be racing at the RAAM Challenge - Ohio. For the first time however, we will be taking part in the 200 mile race. Thank you to everyone back at home for all the well wishes this week. It looks like it is going to be one to remember much like last year.

We are very excited to be sharing our story along with the mission of the SpeakUp 5K / Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation We are only $500 away from reaching the 10% mark of our goal of raising $50k for CKG. Visit our crowdrise page if you would like to help us reach that goal before I am done with the 200 mile race.


If you would like to follow along during the race, there are two pages you want to follow. The first is the page which is providing live GPS tracking of all the racers. There you will be able to see such things of how slow I'm riding, distance covered etc. The second page is the results page which will have all of the time station check-ins. The first racer goes off at 5am. My official start time is 5:24am.

Live GPS Tracking

Results Page