Been trying to figure out why I have been down in the dumps for the past couple of days since returning from roughing it in the woods this past weekend. Could think of only one thing, I haven't ridden since the Scout Camp almost a week ago.

Decided to run home after work to grab the bike and gear and head over to PSP. With the roads on this side of town wet from showers and the color of the sky turning a darker and darker gray, I checked the radar. Maybe I shouldn't be a weatherman because even after looking at the radar I was certain we were going to get hit with a band of severe thunderstorms. "Screw it! I going out anyway."

Arrived at the park dead set on getting in at least 10 miles before I called it quits due to what was either going to be weather or darkness, I jumped on the BUSS. A mere 25 feet later I was off the the BUSS brushing sand and dirt off my body. Thought to myself, "Are you serious?!"

Back on the bike I went and started to try and outrun the weather. Legs felt strong with hardly no acid build up whatsoever. More importantly my lungs were still there as well. Felt as if I was on about an hour pace. Got back to the car checked the time and it was closer to a 49-50 minute pace. Felt good when seeing that. The weather looked as if it were clearing up. Just for giggles I checked the radar once again when I got home.

Looks as if everything missed us completely. Glad I decided to tempt fate and head out anyway. Would have been even further in the dumps had I not ridden because I cannot predict the weather.

Weather should be nice this evening so I may try to get in a decent road ride but more than likely grab the BUSS once again and possibly hit the Lakeview. But for now, I'm off to hell, errr I mean work.