Catching Up

Seems like forever since I last updated. Truth be told there hasn't been too much riding done by me here lately. I was able to get out for the Heart of VA century ride this past weekend. I had begun the day with a time window of when I would have liked to have finished. The window was between 5 and 5 1/2 hours.

The ride started off in Ashland and would take us all over Henrico and Hanover before all was said and done. I started the ride alone and before I knew it, was starting to reel in some of the groups that had started a little before me. This worried me a little as since it had been so long since I had put in a long distance ride, I was a bit afraid I wouldn't be able to hold that pace until the end.

About 60 miles in was the "lunch stop" where I stopped for a banana and new bottles. There I ran into Cycles Ed. Stopped and chatted with him for a second before getting back on the bike. That's when my fears came to fruition. I no longer had the power in my legs to sustain the 21 mph average I had set before the stop. It was a long last 40 miles full of upper quad pain in my left leg. Limping towards the finish, I arrived 6 hours after I started.

Despite the discomfort towards the end of the ride I was pleased with my effort. Looks like I will need to get out for the longer rides more often. Hard to do though with the race season dwindling to an end. Any suggestions?