Dunn's River Falls - Ocho Rios, Jamaica

On October 3rd Jenn and I took the plunge and said "I do". After a fun filled reception, we were whisked away to our hotel room near the airport as we had a flight that left Richmond at 7:45am, bound for Miami then to Montego Bay, Jamaica. Once in Jamaica we enjoyed a nice 1 hour 45 minute tour bus ride to the Sandels Grande in Ocho Rios. That is when we were first frightened by a crazy Jamaican driver. The driver then notified the bus that we were now in Jamaica and in Jamaica they drive on the left side of the road. I believe his exact words were, "Left is right and Right is suicide."

I haven't gotten all of the pictures uploaded to the web album just yet. And by that I mean I haven't uploaded any at all. They will soon be up and link made available but until then I was able to rip some stills from the DVD we purchased of our walk up the Dunn's River Falls. Due to a communication problem between the English in which our Jamaican tour guide spoke and our ability to comprehend it without saying, "What?" a couple of times, we didn't take our camera with us. So I bought the full length film version and took a few captures.

It was an approximate 600 ft climb up the waterfall. The climb starts at the bottom where the falls empty into the Caribbean Sea. You then start making your way up the middle of the falls, straight through the gushing water. Along the way we were able to stop and play in the pools in which the cascading water formed. If you ever find your way to the Jamaican part of the woods I would highly recommend you taking an excursion to climb it yourself as it lived up to the hype. Only one word can describe it, IRIE!