Birthday Weekend

Last Friday was my 30th birthday. Last year at this time I was not looking forward to it very much as I was sure it was the beginning of the end. This year thankfully for everyone around me, I had/have a completely different outlook. I started the day off by sending my mother a "Happy Birthday" greeting. She and I have the same birthday. I then met up with Zach for a nice cruise through the Varina area to the Battlefield.

Once again Le Antique was on a search for his relatives. We didn't give him anytime to look this go around however, as I had a date with Jenn for lunch. She was hosting a cookout at work which benefited the March of Dimes. I ran over there ate lunch, chatted a bit and then like a bandit, I stole her smart tag.

I then met up with Mom and she and I went over to the Home Depot to do some flower shopping. Mom had brought a package which my sister had sent for me. She said it was the best gift in the world and she came pretty damn close.

Onto HD we went as I was on the hunt for some accent foliage to put out on our deck. We found some and headed back over to the house to get them into there rightful new places.

Mom and I then headed back over to their house and met up with Dad. He then jumped back into the car and we met Jenn down at the Strawberry St Cafe for dinner before heading over to the newly renovated Diamond for a Flying Squirrels game. One of the reasons I love Spring so much is because of baseball. The stadium was much nicer than it used to be prior to the R-Braves leaving town and the staff actually seemed as if they wanted their fans to have a nice enjoyable family outing. I would highly recommend a game.

Saturday morning, Jenn and I woke up and met the TnT crew for a visit with the 3 sisters, 1 crazy cousin and a messed up horseshoe. It was a great way to start the morning before we had to scurry back to the house to prepare for the cookout we were hosting for a few friends and family. Thank you to all who came out and those who couldn't we certainly missed ya!