Back to the grind

Since returning from Calvins 3 weeks ago, I have been lacking the desire to get out and ride on any sort of consistent basis which is evident by the fact I have ridden less miles in those 3 weeks as I did in the one day in Ohio. This week however thanks to watching a week's worth of pro cycling last week, I have been much more motivated.

Talking with Big Wiggins at work on Tuesday made both of us realize the fact that neither of us were scheduled to work yesterday. Ever since leading the TnT team on the Frog Leg Metric a couple of weeks ago, I have been itching to get back up that way. It didn't take much convincing to have Wiggins join me.

As of late, it has started to appear that you cannot be on top of your social networking game unless you include some video in your posts. I decided I would mount up the hero pro camera to the bike and try to catch some of the highlights of the beautiful ride we were about to take.

Camera mounted

The drive up had me a bit weird-ed out as it seemed as if someone were watching me. Each time I looked in the rear view mirror all I could see was a little lens just over the top of my phallicly challenged skull. Nonetheless, we arrived at the courthouse, suited up and hit the road.

Someone's watching me

The ride started well with everything I had promised hills, scenery and then more hills. I haven't been able to look at the video footage as of yet but I do know there will only be scenes from the first 20 miles or so because either the batteries died (hadn't been charged in awhile) or the memory card was full (camera cuts itself off when full).

Around the 45 mile mark or so, the combination of the heat and my lack of executing a sound nutrition plan really started to play a role. My legs really started to go away from me and looking back there really shouldn't be much of a surprise. I am just surprised it didn't happen earlier. The problem was, I drank according to plan but did not eat. One of these days I will learn to put food in my mouth, one of these days...

Should have stopped for gas

The last 17 miles seemed to drag on mentally but actually went by pretty quickly. Even with as little energy as I had, Wiggins' presence and his never ending energy kept the pace higher than if I were out alone. I would have just limped home for sure but instead I tried to not slow him down to much. We arrived back and despite my efforts to blow our average pace on the final leg, I have to be happy with still being over 18 mph for the duration.