Monday, the day much of America's working force dreads as it means an end to the weekend and its back to the grind we call work.  Yesterday, was President's Day which meant everyone but government employees had to combat a case of the "Mondays".  It is a highly contagious disorder which spreads rapidly and often has people considering extreme measures to end it.

While looking ahead to the week and realizing how tough it was going to be to get some saddle time in, I too went to an extreme measure and I pulled a Revolver.  One symptom of the "Mondays" is delusion sets in early and gets worse as time passes until you ultimately just pass out and awake the next morning with a sigh of relief that you survived yet another bout.

For me it started with a couple mildly delusional thoughts of warming up on the rollers before firing off 15 revolver rounds into my heart, lungs and legs.  At some point the delusion became a frantic hysteria and I fired off one more killer round which saw my heart rate reach its highest point since about the same time last year.

Cooler temps and night rides are going to be the name of the game for the next two nights.  Then Jenn and I board a plan for Orlando for a week in the warmth of Mother Nature's sun.  She is running in the Disney Princess Half Marathon with her sister.  We haven't had a true vacation since our honeymoon so it will be nice to slow down for a couple of days.