3 days from now will be Spring Equinox, the official start to the Spring season.  Spring brings longer days (3 minutes each day this week), warmer temperatures and sometimes rain.  Warmer temps means less layers.  Rain means not riding unless I get stuck out in it by a shower that pops up onto radar out of nowhere then disappears just as quickly.

Tuesday night brought neither of those to fruition.  The weather was looking a bit iffy all day but I was told by my gut of guts, lord knows it has gotten bigger with what I am going to call knowledge, it was not going to rain until after I was finished riding with the TNT crew.

Start time temperatures were 50 degrees but dropping so I reluctantly layered up in thin layers to help stay warm for the evening. Sounds terrible I am complaining about 50 degree days when others are jumping for joy one finally arrives.  But 60's are now my nice day and 70's a great day.

Jenn is now working out on the bike outdoors again so we were heading to the same place.  This cuts out about 9 miles but because EF starts 30 minutes before TNT than I still had time to get a few extra miles in.  This early in the season I am not chasing miles anyhow, especially 9 more.  If I get them, I get them but I am not sweating not getting them as they will not make or break my training, err I mean my fitness.

Ride went off just how I had planned it with all of the gut filled knowledge.  As soon as the last bike was put into the last car, Mother Nature opened up on us.  Finished the evening up with a nice ~30 miles under the belt and managed to stay dry.  Suppose if I ever need a career change I could always start traveling with the county fairs as "know it all fat guy who can predict the weather."  Then again, probably not...