With just a few days remaining in April, a few things are coming to an end yet so many are just beginning. All of Jenn and I's travels are over which means training is back in full effect. As I headed out for a quick ride on Monday afternoon, I knew the race between the rain and I would be a fierce one. Looking at the radar I hoped I wouldn't need the rain jacket I packed in my jersey pocket until the end of the ride when I was close to home. Alas, the rain started a mere 15 minutes into the ride.

A few minutes of talking to the many voices in my head debating whether to turn around and ride the rollers indoors or to keep going, left me five miles down the road without a decision. At some point in the process, I was taken back to a week prior when I sat on rock above Washington's State Waterfall admiring the beauty of untouched America.

The rain began to feel less like rain and more like the spray of the water in the air as it rushed across the rocks toward the waterfall. After sitting on the rock and continuing down the trail on the hike, I remember saying "You know it's funny. If we were getting this wet at home because it was raining, we would be annoyed. Yet I could sit there on that rock all day with no complaints. It's all a matter of perception."

Little did I know at that moment, I would be given the opportunity a week later to make the decision as to whether I would allow the rain to annoy me. Whether I would allow it to derail my efforts. Mental clarity soon followed and instead of turning the bike for home according to the original plan for the day, 
I headed for the river.

After playing with an Old Gun, I headed for home. Not far from the house as I slowed for a traffic signal, a silver Honda passed by with a teenager's dropped jaw hanging out the open passenger window. I had a good chuckle as I imagined his perception of me riding my bike in such a hard rain. A few miles later I arrived back at the house feeling great with a rejuvenated perception on all that is life. It quickly faded as I then perceived myself a dead man if Jenn were to find out just how much water I was about to track through the house.