Start to TS 1: Kokernot Park to Study Butte

Time Station Miles: 79.3 miles; Accumulated Miles: 79.3 miles

The route started in Alpine and headed south on Rt. 118 to Study Butte, which is near Terlingua and just outside of Big Bend. The race started with a mass start of all the racers starting at the same time and the crew cars met their racers outside of town on Rt. 118.

Andy is in really great spirits and no pain (0 on the charlie brown scale). He had a flat tire at mile 27 but got right back on and kept trucking. He got to Time Station 1 at 10:47 am (Saturday) feeling really strong and entered Big Bend National Park at 11:00 am. He will face some tough climbs during the next section but he is ready for them. Pictures will be posted tonight after the morning / night crews switch around 8 pm local time.