Live Your Dream

In February, I shared with the world the history of my battles with depression over the years and of our mission to use the Race Across America as a platform to encourage others to SpeakUp! about anxiety and depression through our partnership with the Cameron K Gallagher Foundation. We would like to thank the Louis Garneau team for their support upon learning of my/our story. As demonstrated through their acts of compassion and encouragement, they truly want everyone to live your dream. I am excited to announce today, Louis Garneau as the official helmet, shoes and clothing sponsor for RAAM 2017.

 "As a company, we want to help individuals realize their dreams. That spirit has been at the heart of everything we have done since our inception in 1983. One man’s Olympic dream was challenged by his lack of functional cycling gear. So, he made his own stuff and kept chasing. Through our own journey as a company, we’ve met challenges and seized opportunities to realize our objectives along the way. Today, your goals, your passion, and your dreams fuel the continuation of our drive for great fit, comfort, performance and quality.

Whatever the road, path, or trail you take, live your dream…We’ll do our best to help you get there!" 

If you are anyone you know would like to join Louis Garneau and our team as a sponsor, please contact us here