Serenity and Discovery - Thank you!

Despite the mockery from some, safe places have existed for longer than any of us have been on this planet. They are the places we go when we need to change the direction of our thinking.  Mechanics retreat to the garage. Gardners to the yard. Some find solace in the written word while escaping through literary masterpieces. For Cameron and I, we both used excerise as our safe place. She ran. I ride.

These places exist because all of us are in need of places absent of judgement. Places full of inclusion not exclusion. Places full of love. Places to unwind.

It is very rare for someone to have such a strong tie to a place they have never visited like I do. Or to be so grateful for the Lord putting people into our lives when we most need them. For the longest, time I heard stories of how my sister would visit a local farm on a regular basis. Of how great she felt after leaving and her anticipation to go back. Of the feeling she felt as a mother knowing her son felt so welcomed and included while visiting. All of the while hiding the fact she went because it calmed her anxiety. An anxiety which has proven to be debilitating at times. Her place?

On the surface, you will see Chipping Twigs Farm as a supplier of healthy produce to their local community. Once you visit the farm, you quickly realize it is a special place. It is a place where Farmer Kevin and Crystal want people to stay. They encourage folks both young and old to learn by doing. Because of this, you have to be on constant lookout for who may or not be in control of the "Big Tractor" as my nephew calls it.

Farmer Kevin and Crystal may not have known what they were building when they started Chipping Twigs Farm. That it would ultimately turn into a safe place for others. That their love and compassion would save a stranger one day. A stranger who would ultimately become family. The love in which Kevin and Crystal have surrounded others with is immeasurable so it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone, they were the first to sponsor a timestation for this year's Race Across America in honor of Cameron's message.

  A single plot of land where both serenity and discovery lay right next to each other.  

  A single plot of land where both serenity and discovery lay right next to each other.  

Today and everyday, we are thankful for everyone who are like Kevin and Crystal and places such as Chipping Twigs Farm. We are humbled and privileged to race on your behalf Kevin and Crystal.  If you would like to join Farmer Kevin and Crystal in spreading our story in the Race Across America, please consider sponsoring a timestation of your own by visiting our online store

Live Your Dream

In February, I shared with the world the history of my battles with depression over the years and of our mission to use the Race Across America as a platform to encourage others to SpeakUp! about anxiety and depression through our partnership with the Cameron K Gallagher Foundation. We would like to thank the Louis Garneau team for their support upon learning of my/our story. As demonstrated through their acts of compassion and encouragement, they truly want everyone to live your dream. I am excited to announce today, Louis Garneau as the official helmet, shoes and clothing sponsor for RAAM 2017.

 "As a company, we want to help individuals realize their dreams. That spirit has been at the heart of everything we have done since our inception in 1983. One man’s Olympic dream was challenged by his lack of functional cycling gear. So, he made his own stuff and kept chasing. Through our own journey as a company, we’ve met challenges and seized opportunities to realize our objectives along the way. Today, your goals, your passion, and your dreams fuel the continuation of our drive for great fit, comfort, performance and quality.

Whatever the road, path, or trail you take, live your dream…We’ll do our best to help you get there!" 

If you are anyone you know would like to join Louis Garneau and our team as a sponsor, please contact us here