Took a few days off the bike after returning from Sebring. Mostly due to my knees swelling to the size of the grapefruits I rode by for what seemed like an endless amount of miles.

Decided to get back on yesterday and ride over to work. I left early allowing enough time for me to just take an easy spin and not have to make the knees do too much power work. HA! Anyone that knows me knows I only go slow while warming up and then its full bore from there on out.

Got to work and my right knee was starting to bother me a bit. One of the guys at the shop told me M&M's had a new secret ingredient which magically would cure the knee ailments I was experiencing. Handful after handful they disappeared into my mouth and then to my belly.

You know what?! He lied! But damn those little candy coated devils are good. Have you ever wondered how melt in your mouth so deliciously? Suppose I will just return to the tried and true method I perfected during my hockey days: rest, Advil, mineral ice and repeat.