Riverside to PSP

Made it out for a ride on Tuesday. Decided to take an easy spin through the city and come back via the Riverside. All went well for the first 25 miles. Then the tightness in my right knee came back which is what I was trying to avoid by taking it "easy". Made a short stop at the Hugenout Flatlands and got off the bike. Magically when I got back onto the bike the tightness was gone. Decided not to cut the ride short and heading up Old Gun and back to the casa.

Took the BUSS over to the shop yesterday. My man Dave changed the oil in the fork. Have to give up to that fork. 6 years old and just getting its first oil change. Only reason I even had it down was because it had developed a squeak. Squeak is now gone!

And here is something you don't see to much anymore.

Headed over to PSP today for a quick spin. Enjoyed every minute of it. I might start to spend more time playing in the dirt and possibly less on the road. Hard decision though as I have fallen for both! Its like picking between two hot ladies. Seriously how does one choose?!