Mellow Mondays

With the return of the longer/warmer day comes the return of the Famed Mellow Monday ride at Powhite Park. The idea behind the ride is everyone is welcome: fast or slow, expert or beginner. The pace is as slow as the slowest person all the while stopping to chat, play on TTF's or work on a skill in which we think we could use help on.

Showed up for the ride to see the scenery had changed just a bit since the last time I rode at Powhite. Guess they are reworking the sewage pipes or something for the surrounding neighborhoods. The signs say they are almost done. We will see!

Forgot my shoes on the front porch. Duh! Good thing I had a spare pair of shoes in the trunk. I used a piece of heavy equipment that was laying around to dig for some brass and made myself a set of cleats. I apologize to my feet for stuffing you like a sausage into those shoes.

Got a chance to give Jay's El Mariachi a spin up a climb. Let me tell you, something to rolling with the big wheels fully rigid. Point and shoot! Up the climb you go.

I thought it would only be nice to let Jay and Lisa fool around on the Turner. Damn they are fast! Sorry for the blurry pics, the camara couldn't keep up.