Before heading out for a ride at the Scout Camp last night I had to get rid of the awful creaks that were coming from somewhere under my arse on the BUSS. Knowing it could be a couple of things such as the bottom bracket and or an ungreased seatpost I decided to pull both re-grease and make sure everything was tight once again. The good news, the creaks are gone. The weird news is I think that is the first time since I took ownership of the bike that I have removed the seatpost entirely. Now not removing it is not the weird part. It is what I found when I did remove it.

Probably the longest seatpost I have ever seen in my life. Seriously who needs a seatpost this long? If you needed it to be raised that much, wouldn't you need a tad larger frame?

Arrived out at the Scout Camp for the first episode of what is going to become a regular pre-ride event for the 18 Hours on the Farm. Cycles Ed has once again delivered with a fantastically fun fast course. Running in the opposite direction of last year with much of the fireroad removed and replaced with singletrack this event is going to be amazing! Cannot wait for August to come around!

Not overlooking this weekend's adventure through the woods on the Quantico Marine Base however. Planning another two-a-day today (road with Travis and then PSP with Chris) but both will be at a pretty relaxed pace, I hope. Going to take Friday off from riding and then heading up to Quantico Saturday afternoon for a pre-ride of the course before the fun begins on Sunday morning.