Met up with Travis for the first half of the last of the pre-Cranky two-a-days. Put in a little short of 50 miles in on the road mostly on my favorite Riverside route. Afterwards went home for a few short hours to grab some grub watch part of the Cubs game and then grab the mtb and head out to PSP for a spin with Chris. Have to say, the pace was a relaxed one full of great conversation and it is great to have you back on the bike again.

Alarm went off for work this morning but totally do not remember turning it off. Made it to work just a few minutes before scheduled. For the rest of the day I have been fighting heavy eyelids. This is not good considering there are a bunch of Marines waiting to Spank my monkey on Sunday. The good news though is it feels as if I have plenty of energy and was actually itching to go for a short spin this evening. Knowing that I need rest more than anything now I talked myself out of it and instead gave the BUSS a look-see and a bath. It's all clean now and looking as Butt Ugly as ever!

Heading up for a pre-ride tomorrow afternoon then meeting up with JB to reserve a couple of pit stalls next to each other. Race on Sunday!