I Heart.....

Riding past this every time I want to get to one of my favorite trails

Riding with old friends

And riding the BUSS, naturally.

Had a great ride on Saturday out at PSP. Started the ride off by heading over to the Lakeviews. Ran into Lisa, Richard, Scott, and Clark while over there. Trying not to be late for dinner I said my hellos and then got back up to pace. After riding the other side of the park I was happy with the 20 something miles I had and was about to head out. Got out to the car and low and behold who's car is sitting next to mine? My ole buddy Chris! After debating whether or not I would have to time to get in a few more miles with him I gave him a call then meet him for a little overtime. Glad to see your wrist has finally healed and you are back on the bike, bud!

The BUSS now has about 50 miles roughly on it this weekend and is running strong. No signs that it looks chain hungry which is good news for me because in case you have not been around me in the last couple of days and possibly haven't heard me say it, I HEART SS-ing!