Hit up the Riverside before heading into work two days back. Had a good ride despite my legs feeling like hardening concrete. I took the oppurtunity to try a couple different flavors of Carb-boom gels. I have to admit I have yet to come across one of their flavors which tasted poorly. Favorites have to be Apple Cinnamon and Banana Peach (or is it Peach Banana). Anyone who can guess the flavor on my knee will win something special. (Hint: The prize will be something very similar to nothing at all)

Last night I debated with myself: Hit up Riverside again or Work on the BUSS? Working on the BUSS won out and although I have not touched the bearings in the rear hub ( this weekend though) I did get a new chain on it. Using an 8 speed chain I think the straightening job I did on the crank is going to work. Going to take it out for a spin later this afternoon. Crossing my fingers in hopes he stops eating chains like I do mom's cookies.