Back from Boise

So Jenn and I arrived back in Richmond last night from Boise. What a great little city! Everything I could ever imagine wanting to do is basically just outside your doorstep. It was trip of firsts for me. Keep in mind I am deathly afraid of heights!

Although no photographic evidence, I took my first flight in my life.

Did some rock climbing in a gym





Then some up on Flat Rock

Went to a Basque restraunant where I discovered they eat the nastiest food in the world. Here is the plate of Beef Tongue in a fine gravy sauce. Yuck!!

Becky about to attempt the Tripe. TASTES LIKE SHIT! Literally! Becky won the fear factor competition at the table swallowing four pieces of it. Looking at the pictures I want to vomit!

Walked along the Boise River.

And last but not least,

Drove 9 hours to end a 3 day long manhunt for a ......

Thank you to Brian and Becky (my favorite sister!) for all the hospitality. Looking forward to get back out there, this time with bikes and warmer weather.