Black Friday means different things to different people. For some, it means sharpen those elbows we're going in! And for others it means I'm just going to sit my ass here on this couch and watch some college football or Hanana Montana. For me as I work in the retail business it meant waking up along side the elbow sharpened consumers and jumping on the bike for an early morning commute. I got lucky and the Cateye still had enough of a charge to get me to work without a hitch.

I figured it was about time to thank Ryan over at Twin Six for sending me the new jerseys. They arrived just before Thanksgiving. Picture shows two but there are three. One got worn on black Friday and is in the wash.

Polar water bottles also stepped up to the plate in support of me in the '08 season and sent me these, free of charge. NICE!

Un-cycling related, spent all day yesterday setting up the aquarium with Jenn. It was a lot of work getting everything cleaned up and running but it was well worth it. In my opinion, it hasn't looked that good in long time. I am excited to get some little scaly critters in it this weekend hopefully.