Not frozen anymore

I have hit the rollers twice in one week which was enough to make me look forward to the plans I had made at the beginning of the week with the Masta of Spin, to hit up the fire roads at PSP on Friday. That was until the MAN handed out a Mandatory Training Memo which was to take place on Friday, forcing me to go by myself.

Swift Creek still partially frozen near the boat ramp

Once I started my ride I was hoping the half inch of snow we received over night would help keep the ground frozen. Instead, despite the 32 degree temps with a wind chill of 22 degree the snow turned the fire roads into a goo topped frozen yogurt. It was nearly impossible to keep any momentum going unless I kept the throttle open. Even then I didn't go anywhere fast. The creek is still very high as the totals of the water table remain at the highest levels since before I was born. I had planned on fording the creek near the damn but the cold cold water had seemed to have no trouble keeping its momentum as it rushed down and away from the damn.

It is deeper than you think and very COLD!

I ended up getting in an estimated exact 24.6 miles in a few minutes short of 2 hours. It was great to be riding outside again but I know I have a lot of work to do to get my fitness back close to a shadow of what it once was.