New Name

Awhile back there was some buzz around one of the local forums about how to appropriately name your bicycle if you were indeed the type of person to name your bikes. I was in agreement with others that the name should just come to you. You should not have to force a name that may or may not fit the bikes personality just for the sake of giving it a name. Well after last weeks Westcreek ride, the La Raza will now affectionately be named Le Antique from hear on out.

Friday, Jenn gave me the go ahead to go purchase my birthday present from her. Le Antique was in need of a new drivetrain and rear tire from where I rode it flat for a mile or two on Wednesday night. So I ran over to the shop and picked up a couple of new shiny bits. Please do not stare too long at them as they will hypnotize you into thinking your bike is dirty.

Out of the package

Shiny new shifty bits

Saturday morning, Jenn and I took the younger looking Antique out for spin with the Team in Training crew. We met them at Westcreek which was stupid busy. I was wondering why so many people wanted to ride that place on a beautiful Saturday morning. Weeknights I can understand, weekend mornings not so much.

So we left Westcreek and headed into Goochland. The Spring scenery of the country roads was a nice change of venue than the around the Vista of Views I get when I ride around the burbs. The nice thing about that route is that I now know street names and traffic levels of some of the roads around Westcreek which means I won't be confined to turning laps around Westcreek on Tuesday nights while Jenn is working out with Endorphin.

Gotta run to work in a few, but remember folks, Old can be the new new if you just throw some money at it and/or believe. Happy Easter!