Takin Laps

Everything was same ole Westcreek until my second lap where I came up on a slightly older than I gentleman. As I was I greeted him as I passed and I heard, "I am going to suck your wheel for a few minutes." I have no problem when people want to jump aboard. He hung with me for the length of one side of the parkway and then at the turn around he says to me,

Old guy: "Great pull, Glad to see someone can still do it on an antique bike."
Me: "It isn't old".
Old Guy: "That is what I always tell myself too"

I didn't take kindly to his comments and kept rolling on down the road thinking to myself, "I cannot believe he just called my bike an antique" and by the time the first little climb came, lets just say I didn't play very nice. Off my wheel he came and left to suffer the 18mph winds by himself.

Yesterday's ride was my Monday ride only because it was the first ride of the week for me. Everything after that went as uneventful as I hoped. All in all I was glad to this week's "Monday ride on Tuesday" didn't suck as bad as my normal "Monday ride on Monday".