Last week started off really well. I stayed dry for the most part on the commute home on Monday and had another ride scheduled for Tuesday night. That ride took place and was going well until, my eye had the unfortunate experience of meeting up with a gnat at speed. No problem right? When I lifted my sunglasses, there was sweating pooling at the bottom of the lens which got blown directly into the eye as well which stung like no other. Shortly there after, I could tell something was wrong with my right eye as it started to feel extremely irritated.

At its worst it would be about 3 shades of red deeper

The eye didn't heal by Friday which was the day I had planned on doing a quick metric with Wiggins around Lake Chesdin. Instead I found myself on the phone arguing with receptionists and insurance reps. Once all squared, the Doc took a quick look, "That gnat sure did a number on your cornea" he said. He advised me not to wear contacts until it cleared up, wrote me a new prescription for glasses and sent me on my merry way.

I haven't shopped for glasses in about 6 years so I took the time and tried on A LOT of different glasses. Shopping with me on Friday had to have been worse than shopping with any girl except I never asked "Do these jeans made my ass look big?" Instead it was a broken record, "What about these? These? What do you think?" All used way too many times. In the end I went with a pair which shouldn't be of much surprise to anyone, but with the new glasses I could definitely tell my ass is getting bigger.

Oakley whore above!

Saturday morning, had a two a day planned. Jenn was at the river with some old girlfriends and I had free reign to do whatever I wanted. Road ride through Ashland in the morning and then Metro had talked me into breaking out the B.U.S.S. for a ride at the Scout Camp in the evening. Which btw there is a little 18 hour race there each year if you didn't know already. Sign up now! I ended the day with roughly 55 miles, 35 on the road and 2 laps around the camp.

This week, I will be laying a bit low until my eye clears up fully and then it will be back in the saddle hardcore. A couple of events may be looming in my near future which we can discuss at a later date.