Hostage Taking

Spring fever is in the air!  Well at least it is in my mind.  The only downside to this time of year is it is still cold in the mornings and evenings which means if I want to ride in the warmth of the day I need to do so in the middle of it which only works on two days a week and even then the chances of it happening on both days are pretty close to slim and none.

Yesterday was Valentine's day and while everyone was spending it thinking of their own personal someone(s), I did the same.  Having to close the shop, I knew if I was going to get in my workout in the morning.  Sensing that I didn't want to get all dressed up to combat the morning coolness, the leader of Sufferlandia barged in yelling and screaming.

He started screaming something about how things would be alright if I just put on my ruby red slippers and got on the bike.  He made me slip on Le' Antique's special Friday night,  "Screw me tonight" thong. Because he was waiving his Revolver around in my face and I didn't know how to respond to his perverted requests but to comply.

Seriously what kind of stuff is this guy into?  Intervals that is what.  Lots and lots of suck butt intervals.  16 sets of them.  48 minutes later he put the Revolver back into his pocket and left just as abruptly as he came in.  Only I was left felling tired, abused and trying my best to not break down in agony while crying out for help from Jenn.