This week has been a somewhat tame week for getting my workouts in.  Monday I was taken hostage and forced to do intervals for a short time period.  Tuesday night I was able to get in a really nice ride which happened partly because I sometimes forget to pack stuff.  I was supposed to ride over at Westcreek with the TnT crew.  The last couple of weeks I have been leaving slightly early so I can get in a few extra miles prior to meeting up with them and then once the ride is over, I ride back over to the gym where Jenn is usually working out.

The days are getting longer already but I still need a light to get to and fro safely.  The last two weeks I have only needed to turn my headlight on for the last mile of the 9 mile ride over to Westcreek.  This week I had to leave earlier than in the past due to forgetting to pick up the light from the charger in the morning.  The result?  Photographic evidence of the viewing of my first sunset over Westcreek for 2011.

 It was much better in person.  Crappy camera phone, meh

Wednesday night was a wash in terms of me getting in a workout however Zeb and I did watch people workout at Gold's Gym for 4 hours.  We were there hosting an informational booth for the store and educating Joe Public about Spin Class enhancements and outdoor riding.  It was received well and we have been asked back to do it again at the beginning of the month.

Yesterday, I was able to get in a short but long for me run of 4 miles.  I hadn't run longer than 3 miles for many a moon but I may have found the solution to my hip flexor issue.  Many doctors may tell you hip flexor problems can be solved with stretching and other remedies.  However I have found the miracle drug politeness.  You see, I asked my hip very nicely with a "please" and a "thank you" to not blow up on my last night because I wanted to be able to walk today and tomorrow.  I couldn't feel it at all last night and this morning it is only mildly sore like a 2 out of 10.  Success!  Now where do I get a patent?