I feel pretty

Since Saturday, weather and work have provided me with plenty of time to rest up the hip and ponder what I was going to do with my rear wheel. I am not sure if I am being punished for recently telling Jenn that I had no interest in going to see the Picasso exhibit while it is in town. Could it be someone's way of trying to tap into my creative side? Either way I am tired of making spoke art in the middle of my rides.

I have decided to rebuild my rear wheel with all new spokes and the work order has been placed. In the meantime, I need something to get around on. I thought about pulling my rear wheel off of the cross bike. It would match the front as I have been running it for the past year. Being spoiled with all the engagement points on the King hub, I decided using the cross wheel wasn't an option. Conveniently there was another set of King wheels sitting around the house since Jenn is now running around on her Christmas present. After cleaning up the drive train and switching it over, Le Antique is now ready to roll once again.