Direction of focus

So the last week has been a bit of a let down in terms of saddle time.  The usual culprits are to blame work, weather and lack of motivation.  Their isn't much I can do about the work and weather but the motivation, I could probably do something about that.  It isn't the fact that I don't have any motivation, it's just I have been focusing all my attention onto work and a couple of projects I/we have started around the house.  Both of which I am terribly excited about.  Neither of which I am going to reveal any details of just yet.

I did pry myself away from said projects and out of the house long enough on Saturday morning for an easy 30ish through Ashland with the TNT crew.  They were slated to ride 75 but with Mother Nature threatening us with hail producing thunderstorms all day we thought it best to get in a quick ride before things got sporty.  As it turned out Mother Nature ended up holding her cards close to her chest and not revealing her hand until late in the afternoon.  No worries as the ride was a good one and I know of at least one other rider who had a great ride despite their being a whispering gnat in her ear all day.

Depending on how quickly the house projects get finished up, I may have a post about a decent ride or two later this week.  Until then, here are some pics from Saturday...

 Delivery thanks to Powerbar

 Orange Turtle which we helped cross the road
Field of purple flowers in the mist