Sometimes in life throws us a twist, something we didn't expect to see how we will react.  To see what we will do in the face of adversity no matter how great or small.  This past week has been a rough one for me which thankfully, I do not have many of.  Yesterday, I was in need of a little mental getaway so after work I did the two things I thoroughly enjoy no matter what the conditions are; ride my bike and cooking over an open flame.

After leaving the store, I packed my bag and headed out.  I thought about extending the ride but then an overwhelming desire to just sit down for a few minutes came over me.  At that point I decided to just head towards home and see if my feelings changed along the way.  They didn't.  A short hour later, I was home and playing with the pups.

This photo is actually from Tuesday nights ride.  In trying to take a photo of the horses, I got one of the moon.
The last couple of days, I have been addicted to Mexican styled food.  It seems if I eat it one day, I want to eat it for the next 13 days.  For the record I get that way with a fresh pan of lasagna too.  After a quick run to the store, I had everything I was going to need to whip up something new to us on the grill.

 First we started with a couple of breasts rubbed with a chipotle seasoning

 The chicken was then joined with pepperjack cheese, onions, green peppers between two tortillas

After just a couple of minutes on the grill it was finally plated up next to a big helping of Mexican rice