Will I have a crew?

With my plans growing more and more advantageous each year, the art of planning and logistics has been the hardest hurdle to overcome. I started planning for the 2013 season back during the holidays of 2012. Many questions come up during the planning stage. Which races will I do? Who will be available to crew these races? These were two biggest questions I had to answer.

Unfortunately, I knew that one of the races I wanted to do would mean I would need to find a few new members to crew for me as my parents would not be able to travel with me to Minnesota in August. Jenn's father and mother in-law volunteered to go in their place.

Planning early has many advantages, one of which is the great sense of relief you feel once a plan has been laid into place. That is until life gets in the way and plans are forced to adapt. With my fitness at an all time high, I was starting to worry whether I would make it to Minnesota with a full crew when unforseen work obligations would keep Ken and Elizabeth from being able to travel. That was until, one day while at work I was granted one of the most selfless gifts ever. Dane (aka Thin Mint) came into the shop and told me that he and Lindsey (aka L to the B soon to be K) were going to defer their race enteries for the same weekend in order to come help me out.

A few weeks ago during the prerace press conference for this year's Race Across America, Marko Baloh stated "It's kinda strange to think of 9 people working hard for me to have fun." More perfect words couldn't have been choosen in describing a racers gratitude towards their crews.

With that being said, I'm excited to introduce everyone to the newest edition of my support crew.

My best friend and wife, Jenn will be returning to the crew vehicle after declaring it was easier in the car than being back at home.
My sister Becky will be back after making her debut in Texas.
Thin Mint and L to the B Soon to be K (Dane and Lindsey)