Minnesota 400 Recap

I never did get around to writing a race recap from the RAAM Challenge Minnesota 400. If I had written one the outline for the recap would have looked something like this
Before the start of the race
  • "I can't stop shivering. Why is it so cold?"
  • "Can I have some Aleve? I feel like I've been hit by a truck"
  • "Can I have your thermal jacket?"
The remainder of the race
  • "Can I have some Aleve?"
  • "I'm so cold"
  • "I hate expansion joints"
  • "Can I have some Aleve?"
  • "Dane, why did you just drive into the side of that building? There was a perfectly good drawbridge to cross."
  • "Can I have some Aleve?"
  • "Was that a raccoon?"
  • "Watch out for alligators"
  • "Can I have some Aleve"
The longer the race went on, the more frequently I was asking for it as the fever continued to wear on me. Thankfully for my internal organs, the crew followed Bayer's recommended usage guidelines for Aleve. I am also thankful my sister put together this video recap of the race so I don't actually have to write it.